Party Smart...

Do you hate it when the police drop in unannounced and break up your rocking party? I do too. Ironically, so do the police. So, that is why we created "prtysmrt" so you can party smart. Your jurisdiction has to be registered in order for the system to work. Register your party here, pay a small fee (free for now), confirm the registration via your e-mail and you are all set to party.

During your party, you will get a text message the first time the police get a noise complaint. If you don't quiet down soon and a second noise complaint is made, you will get a second warning and likely a phone call. Push your luck and it's three strikes and you are out, and the Police are likely to show up at your door… but not before giving you 2 chances and 30 minutes to get your party under control. Promote your party on Facebook and use the hashtag #prtysmrt on Twitter and everyone will know you party smart!

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Prtysmrt does not promote or endorse any activity that is illegal, immoral or fattening. Prtysmrt is not a substitute for your use of good judgement, common sense and behaving like a good party host should. Prtysmrt will not keep you out of jail or post your bail money if you do get busted.